Using the New Facebook Profile Timeline Layout

With over 900 million users, Facebook has gone through many ups and downs but it
continues to be the most visited website on a daily basis. The social network
has been growing over the years and has been able to truly change how people
live. Instead of calling people, you will now have people “Facebooking” each
other and this changes so much about how people communicate. The website has
been quite simple over the years but just recently the Facebook timeline has
been released and the reception has been been mixed.

The New Features

The most obvious change is that the overall look of the Facebook profile has
been changed. Though it can still be seen as “straightforward” some people have
been confused with how the timeline works and why the website made the change.
The big difference now is that it is easier to browse through a person’s wall
and to see past posts. Though this can seem a little “too open,” Facebook was
never focused too much on privacy. There is now a “headline ticker” so that you
will be able to see live posts from people that are online. It is now tougher
than ever to make any posts without people seeing you online, unless you tinker
with the settings.

The Design

There are also changes to the overall design of the layout because there is now
a cover image. People are now able to choose one picture that will help enhance
the overall look of their page. Users have been able to choose a picture that
truly represents them and this allows them to have a sense of originality in a
website that once looked the same on everyone’s page. Now people are able to
make collages or certain edited pictures to help make their Facebook page come
alive. This is a nice feature that truly makes the Facebook timeline layout even
more attractive. There are websites that provide timeline profile covers but you
are free to make your own.


You will be able to customize your Facebook page to how you want it to look
like. Though this can remind some users of websites like Myspace, Facebook is
still sticking to their roots. The overall color designs of the website will
certainly stay the same and customizing your Facebook page is not as time
consuming as one would think. The process is fairly simple and can be very fun.

Overall, if you are an old Facebook user or you are just finally using the
website, you should start to get accustomed to the websites new changes. You can
expect to see newer changes in the future but these are the biggest changes that
the brand has gone through. The overall purpose of the website is still help
connect people from all over the world and so people are not minding the minor
changes that much. However, if you want to spice your Facebook experience up,
then you should certainly think about customizing your Facebook page with a
cover picture that you like from

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