How to Install a Cover on the New Facebook Timeline Layout

How to Install a Cover on the New Facebook Timeline Layout

The Facebook timeline layout is becoming one of the most loved of the new Facebook features.  This new layout helps you create a personal online scrapbook.  It makes it possible for both you and your friends to look at any photo, video, activity and status update that you added since the day you joined Facebook.

There are two parts of this feature; the timeline cover and the events which you have been sharing with your friends since joining Facebook.  In this second part, you get to see videos, photos, maps, likes and many more. The cover part contains the cover photo, personal information, your friends, profile picture and your likes.

The Facebook timeline layout cover photo that you use is your selling tool. You are supposed to choose a photo which best describes your personality.  You can either opt to use your own cover photo or look for others online.  There are many websites currently which provide stylish and unique Facebook profile covers. You can find a nice variety of choices for your Facebook cover based on your interests and personality.  You have the freedom to change your cover photo anytime depending on your mood or status.  This will enable your friends to know more about you depending on your interests at any given time.

When it comes to installing a cover on your Facebook timeline, the first thing is to upgrade to the Facebook timeline layout if you haven’t already done so.  You can do this either by clicking on a Facebook timeline layout announcement or going to the “Introducing Timeline” page on Facebook which will take you step by step on how to get the timeline.  You can also go to a friend’s timeline and click on “Learn More” to be taken to this page.

After getting the Facebook timeline layout set up, the next thing that you want to do is to add the cover photo.  After logging into Facebook and going to your timeline (profile), place your mouse on the bottom left of the cover.  The “change cover” button will appear.  Click on this button.  You will have the option of choosing from the photos you have or uploading a new photo.  Choose a photo that best represents you through one of these options.  Once the image has been selected and you can see it on the cover, reposition it according to the space.  Finally, click on save changes.

For specifics, your Facebook timeline layout cover photo has the dimensions of 851×315 pixels.  You can crop or resize your image to this exact size and your cover photo will look perfect.

For businesses, this cover picture area is very important since they can use it to market their products and services.  A company can simply create a different cover which will be best for marketing.  The covers can help businesses to gain visibility to their customers.

Since the cover photo cannot be missed on your Facebook profile page, it is imperative to choose a good one.  Get a high resolution image which will not get distorted when shown in this wide range.  Since your profile picture will still be on the page, the cover photo needs to be something unique that you feel will best depict you or your business.  Find FREE profile covers or have one custom designed by visiting:

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