Facebook Timeline Layout Changes for Business Pages

Facebook Timeline Layout for Businesses

As of March 30 Facebook business pages will automatically switch to the new Facebook timeline layout.  How will this impact your existing page and what does this mean for a business that is looking to start a Facebook page now?

Social networks have become part of life and many are utilizing this connectivity to keep in touch, make friends and to do business.  Many firms are on these sites where they are able to reach their customer and market their products.  Facebook timeline layout for businesses is giving entrepreneurs a better platform where they can gain more out of this social network.

For the business owners to incorporate this medium into their strategy they should know that the page can display information posted some years back.  The business person should be informed that this layout will have to be adapted to the fan page.  But to utilize this new invention some design work is needed to enhance interaction and make the page pleasing.  One of the ways to brand a page is to refresh the profile with updated content about the company and latest news.

This layout requires proper planning to create room where ample information about a firm or products can be conveyed.  The page can be used to chronologically tell the history of the company and products.

The fans are given a platform where they can give their experiences and stories in regard to their interaction with business.  To make this possible companies have to come up with nicely designed cover images.  The Facebook timeline cover determines what those who visit the page will do because it is the first thing they encounter. Quality picture should to be creatively used and logos should be appealing.

The layout has new feature that should be exploited to call the customers to action.  The new invention has big tabs making it easy to navigate the page and convey information. Large pictures can be displayed on the cover page and the mission and vision statements can be included.  Adverts can be posted, products can be showcased and the activities a firm or investors has been involved in can be displayed.

To brand a business, the profile photo used should identify the business and other features available should be utilized.  These include the renaming or editing of available tabs to make them conform to the business style.  To utilize the social site the user can list their website link, the link to their blog, announce weekly promotion and give quotes.

To create consistency, name the business page using a name which matches the blog, website and other mediums used.  This makes things easy for the potential customers as they can search for more information from other related platforms.  The Facebook timeline layout allows a business person to pin important posts at the top of their page.

To benefit from this development the page owner should be aware of the policies governing the way they are supposed to operate.  The business people have more control of the page and how their fans interact with their business.  Facebook timeline layout for businesses is meant to enhance the way the social platform is used in everyday operation of firms and provide a way for businesses to continue to build relationships with their customer base.Facebook Timeline Layout Changes for Business Pages, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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